Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s For the Holistic Professional

Does HolisticListings.com require that I have a license or certification?

No, we don’t require a license or certification. But you may wish to add your licensure or certification to your profile.

Is there a fee to be a Featured Holistic Professional?

There is no fee to be a Featured Holistic Professional. All of our Holistic Professionals’ profiles appear in rotation on our Featured Professionals showcase.

Are there any terms I should be aware of?

Yes, please see Terms of Use Click here

Can I create my own profile?

Yes. We’ve provided a stencil as a guide and you can create your own listing, including your specialties and credentials. You can log in and edit your profile at any time.

How long will it take for my Profile Listing to appear on HolisticListings.com after I create it?

Your Profile Listing will be viewable on our site within 48 hours.

General FAQs for our Visitor

Is there any charge to use your service?

No. There is no charge to search for a Holistic Provider on this site.

Do the Holisitcs listed accept insurance?

Each Holistic is independent. Some participate in insurance plans and some do not. We recommend you discuss this and payment arrangements with your Holistic provider before scheduling an appointment.

Do the Holistics listed here work on a sliding scale?

Each Holistic professional sets his or her own fees. You should discuss the fees up front before you schedule an appointment.

Does HolisticListings.com make any guarantees as to the Holisic Professionals on this site?

There are many factors that influence a client's compatibility with a Holistic Professional. We urge you to ask questions before setting up an appointment and follow your own instincts when choosing a Holistic, as we cannot make any guarantees regarding a Holistic’s method of practice.