Dr Mel McGee , Board Certified Altenative Medical Practitioner, IPHMNM, Board Certified Pastoral/Christian Counselor

Spiritual Counseling
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Avg Cost (per session): $20 - $60 Insurance Accepted : No Accepted Payment Methods : cash, visa, mastercard, paypal, american-express, discover

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What is the importance of counseling to believers today? With faith-based counseling, you can receive the appropriate guidance and help in line with the words of the most wonderful counselor of all—God. With Covington-McGee Christian Counseling, you can receive holistic healing for your mind, body, spirit, and emotions in your quest for optimal health, wellness, and happiness in life.

With more than 32 years of experience working for hospitals and hospices, and active military and veteran’s. I established Covington-McGee Christian Counseling to help people who need counseling. My goal is to help people overcome the difficulties through Christian teachings and values.


I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your healing journey and look forward to your success in reaching spiritual peace and happiness.

Dr Mel McGee (CEO) of Covington-McGee Christian Counseling. Since 1989 she has counseled in various depts in the hospitals and in Hospice active military installations and provided Veteran assistance in benefits.

She has been on various boards including Holistic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Military Chaplains Association , American Association of Christian Counselors , The National Association of Veterans Affairs Chaplains (NAVAC), through The Ecumenical Center, San Antonio Texas. Her approach consists in the form of healing the whole person body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness.