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Award Winning Biological & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. May Bio

Dr. May is an esteemed IAOMT accredited member (AIAOMT), an integrative naturopathic medical doctor (NMD) with a degree from the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry (AICDM) as well as a founding board member of the American Academy of Oral Ceramic Implantology (AACOI). With a world-class surgery center located in Farmington, CT Dr. May is one of few internationally renowned biological dentists performing full arch zirconia implant rehabilitations for patients and an avid advocate for the world’s leading metal-free dental implant companies. Dr. May graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine with honorary distinctions in oral surgery performance. After finishing dental residency in New York’s Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Dr. May turned to private practice and started his own biological dentistry & ceramic implant surgery center in 2015. Becoming a recognized expert in advanced dental reconstruction and exceptional natural dental esthetics, Dr. May is regarded as both the least invasive and most technologically advanced doctor in the east coast by peers and patients alike. As a biological functional and cosmetic dentist, Dr. May employs the use of advanced surgical techniques for full mouth/full-arch implant-supported prosthesis, metal-free (zirconia) dental implants, PRF bone and tissue regeneration, osteopathic malocclusion correction, DNA for sleep apnea and airway reshaping therapy, ALF functional orthodontics, TMJ alignment, dental material biocompatibility testing, ozone therapy, IV Nutritional Therapy,  and other natural modalities of dental treatment and prevention, alongside impressively new and minimally invasive technology. Using CAD/CAM digital dentistry with Trios, Cerec, and 3D printing along with CBCT and TekScan diagnostics, Dr. May is an industry leader and innovator in the space of regenerative and reconstruction dentistry.

Natural & Esthetic Dentistry Center

Natural Dentistry Center is a comprehensive and revolutionary dental practice for orofacial esthetics, health and healing that offers integrative family dentistry, internationally renowned cosmetic smile makeovers, cutting edge biological regenerative therapies, metal-free dentistry, advanced oral surgery, nutrition and education. Dr. May’s leading expertise in ceramic implant surgery and root canal alternatives has placed him as top leading biological dentist on the global map. In additional, Natural Dentistry has become the premier dental facility offering full oral reconstruction and sensational smile design delivering exceptional facial transformations with 100% metal-free implants and life-like restorations. Natural Dentistry's cosmetic results have been published in numerous national publications and are used as teaching case studies in esthetic dentistry in dental schools across the country.  Located between NYC and Boston, Natural Dentistry is the premier regenerative, biological and cosmetic dental practice in the USA, a holder of numerous awards is proud to be Northeast USA's top dental physician and surgeon integrative practice.

At Natural Dentistry, Dr. May treats a wide spectrum of chronic medical problems and conditions: mandibular and craniofacial deficiency disorders, full mouth restorations with hybrid and implant-supported prosthesis, zirconia metal-free dental implants, A.L.F orthodontic appliance, DNA/mRNA sleep apnea airway reshaping appliances, anesthetic-free and drill-free laser dentistry with SOLEA Laser, detoxification, removal of heavy metals and other toxins from the body after dental work, testing for metal toxicity and dental material compatibility, ozone therapy, IV nutritional therapy, infection surgery with integrative/osteopathic/naturopathic physicians as partners in our practice.

Patient Centric - Good Vibe Oriented

Our amenities being with organic, fair trade tea in beautiful glass tea cups, and continue with hot blankets and Netflix/Pandora/Spotify/Apple Music in the dental chair. No shortcuts, no hassles. Unadulterated natural dentistry with Dr. May's focuses on only one patient - one story - one journey at a time.  Every interaction from the very first conversation with the new patient concierge helping patients book hotel rooms and find answers to clinical questions to the final photoshoot after the surgery is focused on and around the patient. The ultimate goal of healing and transformation is all about the patient. At Natural Dentistry, we understand that Dr. May is merely part of the patient's journey. Often times, Dr. May and staff listen to hours worth of medical history and prior dental experiences just to help understand the patient's emotional journey, not just the physical one they have endured. During procedures, we not only keep the patient comfortable and relaxed, but we communicate hourly updates to family members. We offer payment plans to make the financial investment easier to manage. We go the extra mile in any way we can. While many technical and medical details and meticulous workmanship go into achieving beautiful, life-like dental results - the goal is always the same: To transform lives. To help patients heal. To help patients thrive.